Helicopter parenting: the next generation?

I came across a story the other day about a dad in Vermont who built a drone to follow his child to the school bus stop. His purposes were benign, but imagine the possibilities…

What if over-anxious helicopter parents get into DIY drone technology in a big way? Anyone who has to deliver less than optimal news to a child could become a high-priority target.

Your son or daughter didn’t receive the expected A on a math test, get the starring role in the musical, or start at center for the basketball team? Launch the drone! Take out the agent of disappointment!

Along with teachers and coaches, college counselors and admissions officers may likewise want to prepare for aerial assault. Dealing with post-decision fallout is already challenging for admissions professionals. Parental chagrin, expressed at high volume, is uniformly unpleasant. Imagine the horror if some of those ace verbal bombardiers had drones in their arsenals!

Sure, sure, drone reprisals for unwelcome college admissions outcomes are pure fiction.

For now.

But then again, with the results of early action and early decision applications at many selective colleges set to be released in the next ten days or so…prudent admissions personnel may want to cast their eyes skyward now and again.